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Mobile apps for lawyers in 2018

While we owe smartphones a debt of gratitude for familiarizing people with all the epic, continuing avian/swine fight (now with an Easter edition!), you will find also a myriad of programs that will increase productivity and performance for lawyers. Taking a break from our traditional blog roll, in this week`s Sociable Attorney Roundup, we give you-our top 10 smart phone applications for the legal career. Whether you`re an L1 student or experienced attorney, chances are that you`re rocking an iPhone (fingers crossed for iPhone 5) or you pledge allegiance to the Android army. Useful lawyer mobile apps for all these phones array from apps that protect legal reference materials to document management suites to basic applications that act as a clock to monitor your billable hours. When improved with cell applications that are effective and appropriate, you'll be able to use your phone that is smart to untether your self from your real-world desk. Now you can work everywhere, the bus, the beach, waiting in line at the DMV"¦the choices are endless! Needless to say, just as you can doesn`t suggest you should"¦but that`s another topic completely. You`ll discover a mixture of I-OS and Android - based cell applications under, complete using a brief review as well as their respective Market hyperlink for downloading. Have an authorized app that you couldn`t live without? Tweet at us (@sociablelawyer) on that smart phone of yours and let's know!

QuickOffice Pro

Price: Presently $7.99 (Reg. $19.99) for Android | $9.99 for I-OS, Platform: Android and iOS, Demands: iOS 3.0 or later | Android version 2.0 " 2.3.3, Obtain Links: iOS Marketplace | Android Market Considered a global leader in cell productivity remedies (with several accolades to show it), QuickOffice provides your Micro Soft Office productiveness suite straight to your own phone. It's possible for you to create, see and edit any Microsoft Off Ice file such as for instance Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, or presentations. Coupled with built-in cloud accessibility to such services like Google Docs or DropBox (we told you this app was big!), perhaps not only are you able to access stored documents but now you can also make those last minute revisions ahead of your presentation or meeting. Using a plethora of updates earned with up-to-date variations 4.0 for Android and 3.3.0 for iOS, such as clipboard accessibility, voice input dictation, un do/redo prompts and the alternative to conserve to your sd-card, QuickOffice really does t-AKE your cell productivity to the next le Vel.

Droid Law

Price: Free, System: Android, Demands: Android model 2.0.1 and up, Obtain Hyperlink: Android Market DroidLaw is an authorized reference cellular software that includes the subsequent in its foundation application: the Federal Principles of Civil Process, the Federal Principles of Evidence., the Federal Rules of Appellate Process, the Federal Principles of Criminal Procedure and the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure. Additional reference materials, such as the United States code or U.S. Constitution addon, are available in the Android market for a charge. As of March `11, 3 1 state codes inside their entirety are obtainable for buy as add-ons in the Android Marketplace, using a guarantee by the developer to b-ring all fifty state codes by year`s end.


Price: Free (Limited), System: iOS and Android, Requires: I-OS 3.1.1 or later | Android model 2.1 or over, Buy Links: iOS Marketplace | Android Market PocketJustice "brings the U.S. Supreme Court down to earth` and into the palm of your fingers. This cell application offers audio and situation information on regulation cases from the Supreme Court canon. While the free model includes details for the top 100 constitutional law cases, the premium version for $4.99 affords customers entry to all 600 circumstances. In many cases, PocketJustice even provides synchronized and search-able transcripts pulled from the Court`s community proceedings. Curious as to what expertise Justice Sonia Sotomayor is bringing to the bench? PocketJustice has you coated there, too. Users can see alignments and biographies of all 1 10 justices within the app. Additionally, the new "share` function lets you send note-worthy circumstances out via e-mail, Face-Book and Twitter.

Cam Scanner " Phone PDF Creator

Price: Free, System: iOS and Android, Needs: I-OS 3.1 or later | Android model 2.0, Obtain Links: iOS Marketplace | Android Market Very seldom does one see an attorney lugging a portable scanner along with their lap top, latte, briefcase and tablet. Should you discover yourself need of a PDF image in a pinch, maybe while meeting a client a T your local Star Bucks (no brick and mortar off ice for you personally!), Cam Scanner turns your phone into a document scanner utilizing the created in-camera. Simply snap a picture of arrangement, receipt, the paper document and on occasion even whiteboard discussion and you will get the cropped and enhanced scanned image from the app. Once converted to a PDF, you have the option of storing, tagging or even uploading your documents into your cloud server to tell others.

Google Reader

Price: Free, System: Android, Requires: Android version 1.6 and up, Obtain Link: Android Market Your mobile gadget was customized for by an RSS reader, Google Reader aggregates the feeds out of your favorite websites into one mobile application that is convenient. Of Above the Law website avid reader? Big on Big Lawful Brain, possibly? Not only does the Google Reader app make it a cinch to add your favorite weblogs or web sites, it syncs with all the internet model you could already have fully loaded together with your preferences. An important function is this mobile application supports off line reading; down load everything via Wi Fi and you`ll never be trapped underground on the tunnel again with no comfort of Lawyerist in your pal M (only one week left to enter that Fujitsu ScanSnap s1300 giveaway!). With functions like the capability to track keywords and queries across different news and search web sites along with the alternative to "share` any such thing across your different social networks, Google Reader is one of the most comprehensive feed applications available on the market.

Black`s Law Dictionary, 9th Edition

Price: $54.99, Platform: iOS (coming soon to Android), Demands: iOS 3.1 or later, Obtain Link: I-OS Market Regarded as the most broadly cited legislation guide in the world, Black`s Law Dictionary mobile application for iPhone brings over 45,000 terms (with spelling pronunciations for more than 7 7,000) and nearly 3,000 quotations directly to your handheld. With genuine time and progressive appear up search functions, this cellular app is the legal dictionary for today`s legislation pupils and lawyers alike. Integrate with your WestLaw login for complete access to hyper-link crossreferences (will pull-up and redirect to your own mobile browser). You`ve utilized the dictionary. You know the benefits. Now experience it all a T the touch of your finger tips, anywhere and any-time. Using an application for Android coming soon, Black`s Legislation Dictionary cell app is a luxury given the cost however a necessity given the worth.

Tips On Becoming A Lawyer

TIP 16 Returning Calls

Teach your customer from the beginning about what to anticipate in terms of returned telephone calls. Respond to your customers. Have one of your staff call if you can't take action. Clients pay a good deal of money for lawyers and appropriate attention is deserved by them.

TIP 9 Fundamental Information For Clients

Produce a file of basic information which may be handed out to customers at their first interview. It might also be provided in digital form.

TIP 7 Agendas and To-Do Lists

It creates a clear direction, with acceptance of the inherent costs of that choice.

TIP 5 Be Exclusive

When interviewing clients at your first meeting, many attorneys try hard to impress their clients to acquire the file. Consider turning the tables and make yourself exclusive. Essentially, the client has been interviewed by the attorney and the lawyer determines whether or not she or he will be taking on this client. Unless the client meets the criteria established by the attorney, the matter will not be simply accepted by the attorney.

TIP 21 Return of Documents

When you've completed a document, return original documents to your client. You are not going to need to store them and you shift the responsibility for safekeeping back to the client.

Most Popular Types Of Lawyers

Whether you are seeking the assistance of a lawyer or contemplating going to law school, there's a general confusion in the people as to what types of attorneys are there. Some people assume that a lawyer is a lawyer, so any attorney will be able to supply whatever legal services that they want. While technically this is true because a lawyer is licensed to practice law (minus a couple of exceptions in which additional licensing is required), the law is indeed huge and all-encompassing it is not possible for one lawyer to effectively provide legal services across each different field of law. Much like doctors, where there's a concentration on a specific field of the body, particular age groups, or specific types of disorders and diseases, lawyers typically specialize in a single, or a couple of relevant kinds of lawenforcement. Below is a list of 18 of the most frequent kinds of lawyers (in no specific order) and short descriptions of each lawyers' law practice. "

Legal Malpractice or Professional Duty Lawyer

This is a very market subset of attorneys, and there aren't that many that focus on those areas of law as their specialty. Legal counsel or Professional Responsibility attorneys usually sue or protect attorneys when a lawyer has violated their duties to a client (i.e. committed malpractice) or if a lawyer needs defense against a former customer who's suing them. Lawyers, very similar to physicians, accountants, government officials, etc., have a strict set of industry certain rules they must abide by while practicing law. When they really violate or are accused of violating one of these principles, professional responsibility lawyers and legal malpractice lawyers become involved. Sometimes these attorneys are used before anything actually goes wrong simply to be certain what is about to be done by a lawyer is actually allowed, go to

Digital Media & Internet Lawyer

The evolution of the Internet opened up a whole new realm of law. Digital media and Web lawyers concentrate on all kinds of legal problems that come into play our use of technologies and the Internet. Everything in the site terms and conditions that govern our use of the world wide web, to privacy issues, copyright legislation and issues with pirating of music and movies, and security of children from internet predators falls within the region of electronic media and Internet law. This field of law, such as the industry in which it functions, continues to evolve and change quickly with new technology.

Mergers & Acquisitions Lawyer (M&A)

Mergers and acquisition (M&A) lawyers deal with the buying and selling of companies. The buying and selling of major businesses can be a really long and complex process which generally involves a team of attorneys. M&A attorneys tend to be very well-versed in finance and securities legislation, in addition to taxation law, to make sure they structure the prices, aka the purchase or sale of the customer 's firm, correctly.

Family Lawyer

You probably could have guessed what a family lawyer does. A family lawyer handles anything having to do with lead family issues. Sometimes this includes family or estate planning, but usually family attorneys handle matters including divorce, custody battles, prenuptial agreements, and other issues surrounding marriage and kids. While some just focus on divorce, many family lawyers cover every area of law.
So, now you know a bit more about what kinds of attorneys you will find. If you're wanting to employ a lawyer, it's 's important to work out how to find the right lawyer for your requirements. Although there are numerous overlapping practice areas, each kind of law differs and you'll need to make certain to get an attorney that specializes in the type of legal service you need. Doing otherwise is insecure and can cause unnecessary legal trouble later on.

Top Richest Lawyers In The World

So, who are they? Here's a quick look at the richest attorneys in the entire world, ranked from the lowest net value to the greatest. Please note that the people on this list are all practicing attorneys or judges. There are loads of other "lawyers" with a considerably higher net value, but they just possess a law degree and no more use it.

Jose Baez: $8 million

Probably best known for defending Casey Anthony in 2011','' 47-year-old Jose Baez is definitely an American success story. After dropping out of high school, he joined the Navy, got his GED, and eventually earned a law degree from St. Thomas University School of Law. He's been involved in a number of high profile instances that led in acquittals, including the murder case of Nilton Diaz, that has been referred to as "the biggest legal upset because O.J., among others [3]. He's considered by many to be the most pursued criminal lawyer in the U.S. and currently reflects former NFL star Aaron Hernandez. He's also the author of this bestselling book, Presumed Guilty: Casey Anthony: The Inside Story.

Thomas Mesereau: $25 million

Also a criminal defense attorney (Are you noticing a trend?) , Thomas Mesereau graduated from Harvard University and The University of California's Hastings College of Law and has was named "Trial Lawyer of the Year for 2015" from the National Trial Lawyers. (He's won lots of other awards such as "Criminal Defense Lawyer of the Year. ") He's notorious for taking high stakes instances with hopeless odds and receiving extraordinary results. He had been Michael Jackson's lawyer when he had been acquitted of 14 child molestation charges and has won an unprecedented three federal criminal jury trials in a row. While his hourly rate is so large it's not published, he does pro bono work through the Mesereau Free Legal Clinic.

Richard Scruggs: $1.7 billion

A 1976 graduate of the University of Mississippi School of Law and a prominent trial attorney, Richard Scruggs is famous for his love of asbestos and tobacco cases and the fact that he won more than $1 billion in judgements against various companies. He was also highly involved in 2000's Ritalin class action lawsuits, as well as the 2003 situation against Lehman Brothers which he won a $51 million verdict. However, in 2007, he was accused of judicial bribery. In 2008, he pled guilty and finally served six years in federal prison. Today, at age 70, he's finished his sentence, and it has retained his large fortune.

Judge Joe Brown: $30 million

Best known for his day court show which ran for 15 years, Judge Joe Brown received his law degree from UCLA. After serving as the first African American prosecutor in Memphis, TN, he opened his own practice prior to serving as a criminal court judge in Shelby County, TN. While presiding over James Earl Ray's allure for the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., he caught the attention of TV manufacturers. The majority of his wealth was gained through the show. In 2014, he ran for district attorney general in Shelby County, but lost to the incumbent.

Alan Dershowitz: $25 million

After graduating from Harvard Law School in 1962, Alan Dershowitz went to work. By 1964, he had become a member of the Harvard Law School faculty and in 1967, he had been made a complete professor. (He murdered in 2013.) While teaching classes, he was making a name for himself in the criminal law field. As a result of his standing as the "top lawyer of last resort," he's a bevy of high-profile customers, including Mike Tyson, Jim Baker, Leona Helmsley, O.J. Simpson, and Jeffrey Epstein. In addition, he's written over a dozen novels. Everything collectively helped him amass his fortune

Best Lawyers In Canada In 2018

Justice Ian Nordheimer

Judge, Ontario Supreme Court, Toronto, Ont. Nordheimer's name is becoming synonymous with class action suits largely due to his judgment, which overturned Justice Edward Belobaba's decision in a high-profile situation on carriage at the Barrick Gold class action suit. Nordheimer given the losing coalition of law firms leave to appeal Belobaba's decision at the Divisional Court. He is probably the most influential Superior Court level judge in the nation with a decade on the seat and produces perhaps the greatest number of thorough judgments each year in comparison to some trial level judge. He's famous for his quick wit and sharp conclusions. In the last year, Nordheimer has made quite a splash from the legal community by upholding a professional field punishment for current LSUC bencher Joe Groia and releasing information that demonstrated Rob Ford was the topic of a police investigation.What that the panel had to say: He is the sort of judge that should be on the Court of Appeal... or greater. A judge of complete integrity.

Justice Beverley McLachlin

Chief justice, Supreme Court of Canada, Ottawa, Ont. A frequent member of the Top 25 list along with the very best vote-getter in years past, McLachlin continues to make waves, handing down two quite important conclusions on aboriginal law. The 2014 Tsilhqot'at Nation v. British Columbia decision directed by McLachlin is the earliest of its kind in the history of British Columbia. Last year the Supreme Court of Canada granted declaration of aboriginal title to over 1,700 square kilometres of land. She is responsible for upholding the decision of the Ontario Court of Appeal in Keewatin v. Ontario (Natural Resources) published in July 2014, she has what the Lamer court began and has left her mark in this area for decades ahead. The chief justice is still a highly effective proponent of justice for all Canadians. As her incredible amount of votes once again this season reveal, McLachlin is greatly admired not just for her rulings but her public aid in favour of free speech, diversity, and comprehensive leadership. What Republicans needed to say: A brilliant judge who, again and again, marries the law with common sense. Justifiably most respected legal mind in the nation; outstanding integrity; reliable public servant; obviously guided by law enforcement and also a strong moral compass.

Wayne Myles

Counsel, Cox & Palmer, St. John's, N.L. Myles' recent claim to fame is the $3-billion global merger of Barbados-based Columbus International Inc. with England-based Cable & Wireless Communications PLC.. His M&A expertise, together with his dedicated client connections, haven't only resulted in the greatest deal in the telecommunications company's history, but demonstrated that significant international prices are being deftly handled by an Atlantic Canadian law firm. He also 's also acted as lead counsel and strategic adviser on numerous acquisitions, licensing, and funding of many subsea and terrestrial telecommunications companies in the global fish processing and marketing sector. Myles also advised on aviation matters, on many national and international business bankruptcy and restructuring jobs and on power and transport matters. What voters had to say:[An] outstanding attorney with global vision. Huge asset to any transaction.

Alice Woolley

Professor and associate dean-academic, University of Calgary Faculty of Law, Calgary, Alta. Woolley is a true changemaker in the region of law and technology as well as law regulation. She's been a valuable member of the Canadian Bar Association's integrity and professional responsibility committee. Her work with the CBA Futures project as an ethics and regulatory issues team member is really making a mark at the legal community. Woolley is responsible for sweeping educational changes as chairwoman of the committee that developed and adopted significant curricular changes in the University of Calgary's Faculty of Law, which concentrate on the practical elements of legal education and will come into effect in September. What Republicans needed to say: Leading expert on legal profession and ethics; once she talks, people listen. Alice is a pragmatic visionary. Teaching law students in a means that will prepare them for a 21st century practice is of critical importance to the future of the profession.

Rocco Galati

Rocco Galati Law Firm PC, Toronto, Ont. Rocco Galati is famed for being a one-man resistance to the current government, so much spending $42,000 of his own money on court problems. He successfully launched a case that blocked Stephen Harper's appointment of Justice Marc Nadon to the Supreme Court of Canada. His resistance to the appointment of Federal Court of Appeal Justice Robert Mainville to the Quebec Court of Appeal Wasn't as Profitable. While he doesn't always win, Galati is dogged in his efforts to defend the Constitution against a government he sees as pushing the boundaries with too little respect for the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. He's now also been chosen as bencher of the Law Society of Upper Canada and it will be interesting to see what he brings to the regulation of the profession.What voters needed to say: An authentic Canadian constitutional and human rights enthusiast.

Top Lawyers In Usa

"No envelope mix-up here! Meet the attorneys behind the 'Moonlight' Oscar winner, Melania's litigation, Bill O'Reilly's downturn, the year's most significant media megamergers and pretty much anything that matters in Hollywood. Extortion. Messy divorces. Nine-figure deals with Chinese media conglomerates. It's been a busy year for Hollywood's power lawyers, who once again gather in THR's webpages for the magazine's yearly Power Lawyers issue. The men and women on this list handle a range of cases, from simple talent contracts to complex corporate mergers which take months to iron out, but they all have things in common. All of them love working in the entertainment market. They all play a vital role in maintaining Hollywood's wheels turning. They're at the very top of their field. And judging from THR's survey -- they all drink a lot of coffee (an average of 5.5 cups every day, even if calculations incorporate the guy who promised to down 97 cups). Beneath, the Electricity Lawyers of 2017 talk about their most significant cases, reveal their private political beliefs (only 14 percent think Donald Trump will get impeached) and answer the age-old question, "Which superhero would you want to reflect? ""

Michael Kump

Kinsella Weitzman Iser Kump & Aldisert Alma mater University of Michigan Law School Why he issues The Kardashian-Jenner clan turns to Kump to protect their business ventures and, um, intellectual property. Back in August, sisters Kourtney, Kim and Khloe won an injunction barring Haven Beauty from making use of their trademarks in a $200 million suit. In addition, he represented five sisters in a lawsuit against their former licensing service APA over alleged unpaid commissions. Currently Kump is tackling The Management Group's multimillion-dollar dispute with former client Johnny Depp, where both sides are alleging fraud. Comfort food "Ice cream. "

P.J. Shapiro

Ziffren Brittenham Alma mater USC Gould School of Law He matters He brokered client and newly minted Oscar winner Emma Stone's deal for the play The Favorite reverse Rachel Weisz. He also inked pacts for Oscar nominee Bryan Cranston's next two movies (Last Flag Flying and Untouchable) and helped Mindy Kaling secure roles in Ocean's 8 and A Wrinkle in Time. Who needs to play me at the movie of my life "In case you could morph Dwayne Johnson with Larry David, that would be ideal. "

Larry Stein

Liner Alma mater USC Gould School of Law Why he matters Stein nabbed a large win for customer Blake Shelton in his national defamation lawsuit against In Touch Weekly. He convinced the court the suit shouldn't be disregarded because the cover story that indicated the country crooner was in rehabilitation wasn't secure address. (The singer and magazine later settled.) Last TV series binged Mozart in the Jungle

Craig Emanuel

Loeb & Loeb Alma mater Monash University Law Why he matters The Australia-born attorney represents Ryan Murphy's rising TV empire (Feud, American Horror Story along with the forthcoming American Crime Story installations, Katrina and Versace) as well as several of this season 's Oscar nominees, such as Hidden Figures producer Donna Gigliotti and Lion manager Garth Davis and screenwriter Luke Davies. Client Daniel Day-Lewis is coming to the display after a five-year hiatus to star in Paul Thomas Anderson's untitled following job. Last TV show binged Peaky Blinders

Alan Hergott

Bloom Hergott Diemer Rosenthal LaViolette Feldman Schenkman & Goodman Courtesy of Patrick McMullan Alma mater Northwestern Pritzker School of Law Why he things Hergott (almost rhymes with Hogwarts) lately helped seal a bargain for manager David Yates and producer David Heyman to make the sequel to writer J.K. Rowling's Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. He had a hand in many reboots: Client Russell Crowe is starring opposite Tom Cruise at Universal's The Mummy, while writer-director Shane Black is prepping to shoot The Predator for Fox. Other longtime clients include Brad Pitt, Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall. Comfort Food "Anything in Manuela. "

Dale Kinsella

Kinsella Weitzman Iser Kump & Aldisert Alma mater UCLA School of Law He matters The litigator is embroiled in 2 of the biggest profit-participation suits in recent memory. He symbolizes The Walking Dead creator Frank Darabont in Addition to CAA in the four-year struggle against AMC over show profits. Kinsella also repeats Bones producer Barry Josephson, who's suing 20th Century Fox for allegedly cheating him out of earnings (an allegation that celebrities and executive producers David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel have left contrary to the studio). The most dangerous thing I've accomplished in a decade "Heli-skiing in Alaska. "